Zachary Bennett Le

Age: 22

Originally from: Malibu, CA - born & raised

Current location: Chelsea, London

Education: Pepperdine University - Integrated Marketing & Communications

On my own time, you can often find me:

- in good company

- laughing at my own jokes

- spending quality time with my dog

- enjoying my time on the soccer or rugby pitch

- building, painting, or drawing anything and everything

- aimlessly looking for cheap flights to places i know nothing of

- heading up to the mountains in pursuit of fresh snow and good times

- picking up a guitar only to realize that my "glory days" as a musician are long gone

- reopening the fridge in hopes that food has magically appeared since the last time i checked

Why photography:

To me, photography is more than an outlet of expression. It is, essentially, a means to an end; the end being the besting of time. There is something special about a photograph in the sense that it defies the notion of time by enabling a moment, an experience, a feeling, and much more to be captured, looked back on, and shared. A photograph has the unique ability to infinitely retell a story, each time in a new voice, in different words, but always in a language known to all listeners.

My go to toys:

Digital Stills

- Canon 5D Mark III

Film Stills

- Canon AE-1


- Blackmagic Cinema Camera

All things arial

- DJI Mavic Pro

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