Zachary Bennett Le

Age: 24

Originally from: Malibu, CA - born & raised

Current location: Malibu, CA

Education: Pepperdine University - Integrated Marketing & Communications

Why painting?

I find it absolutely fascinating, yet so undeniably simple, that had the artist not created the painting or sculpture etc., it would never exist. There is something oddly satisfying about being able to take things that seem so ordinary and plain and understandable on their own, and use them to create something that has the ability to simply make someone feel.

Why photography:

To me, photography is more than an outlet of expression. It is, essentially, a means to an end; the end being the besting of time. There is something special about a photograph in the sense that it defies the notion of time by enabling a moment, an experience, a feeling, and much more to be captured, looked back on, and shared. A photograph has the unique ability to infinitely retell a story, each time in a new voice, in different words, but always in a language known to all listeners.

My go to toys:

Digital Stills

- Canon 5D Mark III

Film Stills

- Canon AE-1


- Blackmagic Cinema Camera

All things arial

- DJI Mavic Pro

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